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New Black Olympic Weights
Available in Regular and Slower Wobblies

Call or text Wayne 604-618-5049

email Gordie: eagleshuffleboard @ shaw.ca

to reserve a set. Very limited quantities!
$395 includes fast shipping

Eagle Shuffleboard is the authorized Dealer for:

Quality Shuffleboards at unbeatable prices

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Special Canadian pricing is only 
available from Eagle Shuffleboard!

call or text Wayne: 1-604-618-5049
email Gordie: eagleshuffleboard @ shaw.ca

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 your quality USA made Hudson Shuffleboard
with our special pricing

Hudson Shuffleboards is the Fastest Growing Shuffleboard Company in the World for one simple reason: They offer the highest quality shuffleboards at an unbeatable price. Regardless your skill level, Hudson Shuffleboards are a perfect addition for the home, bar, business or clubhouse.

Using the finest craftsmanship, they manufacture their top of the line tables to provide years of fun and entertainment.

Hudson Shuffleboard tables are used in professional tournaments and are backed with the best warranty on the market. Just another reason why Hudson Shuffleboards
are the #1 choice among the top players in the world. Try them and find out why thousands of people have turned to Hudson Shuffleboards!

*Note* If you have a custom table  or design in mind and want it made by Hudson Shuffleboards 100% in the USA

email Gordie: eagleshuffleboard @ shaw.ca
call or text Wayne: 604-618-5049

Sorry only a very limited quantity as we are now only making
the New Black Olympic Weights

Only $345 including shipping!
Contact us for more information!

Some gently used demo sets are available
Only $275 plus shipping

call or text Wayne: 1-604-618-5049

Set of Eight Weights

Tested and accepted by the pros!

Olympic "Regular" Weights

These professional quality weights are individually speed tested and weighed to give you a perfect set of matched weights for consistently superior performance on all types and lengths of all shuffleboard playing surfaces. 

If one or more of your weights are damaged or lost they can be replaced to match your set again. This saves the cost of buying a whole new set of weights.

These weights have been tested and accepted by all the West Coast, Oregon & Washington Pros and are used in tournaments across all of USA and Canada.

We make these Olympic Weights from machined hardened steel and then have a durable tool chrome finish applied.

 Only a few sets currently in stock so order soon to make sure you get yours for your next tournament play. 

Replacement plastic tops and new aluminum Jim's Caps  are available.  Contact Gordie for great pricing. 

Satisfaction guaranteed!  Ask your friends!
Fast Shipping to all of Canada and USA!

All orders are shipped by priority post to 
ensure timely delivery usually within one week.

Only $345 including shipping!
Contact us for more information!

Some gently used demo sets are available
Only $275 plus shipping

call or text Wayne: 1-604-618-5049


Jim's Caps from Arizona

New Tops are now available

Pictured above are the 17 Gram tops

Here are the 28 Gram Tops

Jim's Tops are now available from Eagle Shuffleboard
and weigh 17 or 28 Grams
Adding 28 Gram Tops to Olympic Weights 
is well inside the legal total weight of 355 Grams

These Tops make Olympic Weights much better
for Grip and adjusting to faster boards

$180 includes quick shipping

email Gordie: eagleshuffleboard @ shaw.ca

call or text Wayne: 1-604-618-5049

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